I’m a Chicago native with a passion for documenting amazing stories. I’ve been around the world, telling the stories about people and the challenges they face. I love the idea of inspiring audiences through true stories of people doing extraordinary things. I endeavor to make films that ask thought provoking questions, teach us something and entertain us in the process.

Three years ago, I fell in love with the world of women's boxing and the drive that these women have, not just to fight, but to spit in the face of a world that tells them not to box. Anyone who has been put down for wanting to excel and be who they are can relate to this. That’s what drives me to bring this untold story to the screen.

My pet project is generating original content for the web and I know the revolution will be downloaded.


Ellen Barnard

Executive Producer Tomorrow Pictures Inc.

As an EP, my job is to turn ideas into finished productions. I run an incredible production company with my business partner, Tomorrow Pictures director/founder Fr3deR1cK Taylor. His directorial projects take us around the globe, making films that have been recognized by film festivals from London to San Francisco. I’ve been working with Fr3der1ck for many years now, and share his passion for bringing real, unique stories to documentary audiences. My first foray into documentary was a radio doc about Civil Rights in the South that garnered a Peabody Award. My educational background as a social and cultural historian has served us well in our journey as documentary filmmakers. But really, I think getting a glimpse into universes we don’t understand and finding out we relate to them in some way – often in an unexpected way, enriches us. I have a background in marketing, hope to live up to the title of production guru and am a proud graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. Go Heels!