• The Champion

    Terri "the Boss" Moss

    Don’t tell Terri no. Terri "The Boss" Moss never gives up. She is the definition of a fighter and that’s what makes her The Champion.

  • The Protégé

    Jackie "It's Time to Shine" Breitenstein

    For Jackie, the sky is the limit. She’s a prop and she hits as hard as any of Terri’s boxers male or female. Will she focus and do what she needs to win her next fight? That’s the question.

  • The Next Generation

    Kelsey "Killer" Smith

    Kelsey came to boxing as a kindergarten teacher. Now she is ripped and ready to take on all comers. She’s the heart of the fight club.

  • The Brains

    Lisa "Bad Company" Belcher

    By day she is a public health crusader, but in the ring she knows her well-being means she has to be ready to knock-out all opponents. A huge fan of the sport – she is a true competitor.

  • The O.G.

    Barbara "Babs" Buttrick

    Hall of famer and boxing commissioner at the age of 82, this phenom has always believed that women should be able to box and hit the ring in the 1940s. Still in the game – she is the original boxing chick.

  • The Chemistry

    Ronda Williams

    Ronda is a big-hearted woman who likes contact sports. She found boxing when she realized hitting someone is what gets her blood moving.